Medium Australian Gum Leaf Serving Platter / Hand Carved Wooden Tray / Teak Wood Serving Platter / Table Decor / Wooden Leaf Tray / Platter


Introducing to the line of our beautiful and unique wood-working productions- serving platters. These platters are all different and are not the traditional round or rectangular; but they take on the shapes of leaves we see all around us. Allowing us to remain grounded and humble.

We have the Australian Gum Leaf made of Teak.

Made from the same wood as our tables, they are sourced from hard wood and each platter is then hand-carved, dried and curated. This also adds to the beautiful unique features that each platter has.

Finish: Food Safe Oil

Wood Type: Teak Wood
Serving Platter measurements (in cm/s; give or take a few cm/s per item):

Gum leaf: (Large) 80cm X 14cm X 2cm
(Medium) 60cm X 14cm X 2cm

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