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"Breathing Life into your home"
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Make your dwelling a little more you!

“We are committed to all our customers to provide only superior products with competitive price"

We welcome you, the way you would welcome us into your home. We are the Living Art Décor team and we are an upcoming live edge timber supply store. Our store is based in Keysborough, Australia; and we offer something as unique as live edge timber directly to you. The idea of beauty and eloquence, as well as attention to detail are our niche. Our mission is to support authentic designs in order to interpret original ideas. Our team will do the best they can to help care for and cater to your needs and to make the most considerate decision regarding you. The way that we help one another within the business is the same way we will help navigate your desires with some of the best furniture on the market.

Beauty at the touch of your fingertips...

Our young design experts offer you a personalised service; tailored only to you for you: curating the decor of homes, offices, bars & restaurants. You will discover with us the pleasure of furnishing your own home, paying attention to details and materials’ quality.
We offer you nothing short of:
-Unique products
-Guaranteed quality
-A wide range of products
-Fast and secure delivery

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Finest Sourcing Wood Slab

We specialise in Monkeypod Wood, Suar Wood and Rain Tree timber from the Samanea saman family which has a rich history of its own. Our wood is carefully cultivated overseas, in Vietnam and cut into slabs following the grain of the tree. The slab will go through primitive steps before they are shipped customers. These steps include:

Being kiln-dried: Wood slabs are kiln dried at least 60 days to reduce the level of moisture down form 10% to 15%. This will help the timber to avoid any cracking, twisting or bending over time.
The surface is sanded and levelled to its most smoothest surface.
The slab has been slightly customised to retain its most natural look.
By Australian law, the timber is to be fumigated to rid of any diseases or pests that it may harbor.
A water proof agent is applied several times before finishing the top coat with polyurethane or wood oil for its finest look.
Our timber slabs are shipped and handled with the utmost care when being transported down here to Melbourne, Australia. 

There is more information about live edge timber and its process across our social media. Please do not hesitate to call or send us an email. We have a beautiful showroom that is open six days a week, if you want to head down and browse. Our team is more than eager to have a chat and help with your live edge timber needs.

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