3 Rod Hairpin Legs Stainless Steel Black Desk or Dining Table Legs 210-710mm Height, Set of 3 (Three) or 4 (Four)

Stainless steel legs, a finished product. Comes in a set of three or four.

It has a black powdered coat finish. Can support to about 150KGs.

The 3 rod hairpin legs come in four sizes and they can be bought in sets of 3 or 4.

(XS) Shortest Length: Height: 210mm X Width: 130mm
(S) Short Length: Height: 400mm X Width: 130mm
(M) Medium Length: Height: 500mm X Width: 130mm
(L) Longest Length: Height 700mm X Width: 130mm

Your ordered legs are prepared and shipped within 4-6 business days. Your order is very carefully packaged to ensure safety on its way.

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