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In honour of Father’s Day and for the families that have already been started or those that are about to start. Living Art Decor is now bringing the family name plaques to another level with a pure wood base, that can be chosen from a small range. The names can also be chosen from a wide range of colours, and there is a choice of either the year your family has been established or coordinates of the family home or something memorable to your family. 

The family name plaques are a great and simple design to show off the family that you are a part of. It is made from the same wood as our tables but on a much small scale, they are just as beautiful and can be left au natural. The boards can be hung on the wall in multiple ways as the boards are about 3-4cm thick which also gives a sturdy balance of weight.

These could also be used for your business or beloved hobbies or even a holiday home, why not mark a big moment through a sleek and beautiful design. It is bound to catch an eye and a great way to display something you are proud of. 

The family name plaques make for a great gift for almost any and all occasions. They are a great gift for Father’s Day, showing your dad how proud you are of the family that he is the patriarch and as you grow older, this a simple but grand gift. It also makes for a great wedding gift, housewarming or even Christmas. It is a beautiful and sturdy family name plaque and obviously no two will be the same unless ordered as such otherwise. 

The boards will come in a variety of base colours, name colours and sizes. Here is the guide for all of those:

Base Colours:

-No Stain



-Teak Brown


-Golden Teak





-Dusty Blue



Sizes (all boards have a width between 20cm-30cm, and will be chosen at random):
40cm X 20~30cm | 400mm X 200~300mm | 15.7” X 7.8~11.8”

60cm X 20~30cm | 600mm X 200~300mm | 23.6” X 7.8~11.8”

80cm X 20~30cm | 800mm X 200~300mm | 31.4” X 7.8~11.8”

For the personalisation of the board, please leave the name of choice, name colour and year the family has started. Otherwise if no year is needed, please just leave the name of choice. e.g Nguyen in blue, 2011 

In order for the personalisation to be successful please either leave a note at checkout or you can message our team with the order number and let us know what we need to do for you. 


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