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Introducing to the line of our beautiful and unique wood-working productions- serving platters. These platters are all different and are not the traditional round or rectangular; but they take on the shapes of leaves we see all around us. Allowing us to remain grounded and humble.

We have three different leaves: The Tropical Leaf, The Maple Leaf, and The Scallop Leaf.
Made from the same wood as our tables, they are sourced from hard wood and each platter is then hand-carved, dried and curated. This also adds to the beautiful unique features that each platter has.

Finish: Food Safe Oil

Wood Type: Acacia Wood, Suar Wood, Monkeypod Wood, Raintree Wood

Serving Platter measurements (in cm/s; give or take a few cm/s per item):

Maple leaf: 40cm X 40cm X 6cm
Tropical leaf: 40cm X 25cm X 7cm
Round leaf: 40cm X 25cm X 7cm

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