Traditional Solid Timber Wooden Stool

Stool Design:
NEW to Living Art Decor

We are happy to introduce four new and beautiful timber stools that are safe for kids and adults alike. All the stools are made from solid wood and are all uniquely different in its colour and pattern. These are great for use in the bedroom or living room, decor and children's stools.

They are idyllic for a lot of rooms and add a natural aesthetic. Made of pure Monkeypod Wood, these stools/ottomans are beautiful and can be used in a wide array of ways.

Solid Timber Stool: (W) diameter 300mm X (H) 455mm
Live Edge Round Stool: (W) diameter 350mm X (H) 455mm
Live Edge Square Stool: (W) 300mm X (H) 600mm
4 Leg Wooden Stool: (W) diameter 450mm X (H) 455mm

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